Monday, 20 August 2012

Dylan We Miss You

It is two weeks ago today that we let our beautiful Dylan go to sleep. It has been a very difficult couple of weeks; lots of tears and "if only's". When we went to collect his ashes on Thursday it all came flooding back. But I know we made the right decision at the right time. Dylan had a love of food and a zest for life, once he could enjoy neither it was wrong to let him linger. At 2 years old he still played like a kitten, he would play 'football' for hours and and it seems strange not to be falling over dozens of fluffy coloured balls everywhere we walk. Coco & Lola don't seem to have the heart for games at the moment, Dylan was such a big character, always the instigator of fun and mischief - I used to call them "Team Dylan" because he was always centre of the action. The girls seem so lost without him, as are we. The house feels far to empty and quiet.  (The picture above is one of the last of Dylan and Lola together, he was quite poorly here but Lola would still follow him around and was happy just to sit with him).  

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